PHC O&M Dinner Review

Approximately 100 folks attended the 2014 PHC O & M dinner on Monday, April 14 at the Point Plaza Suites at City Center.  These folks enjoyed a tasty buffet dinner and took home a number of auction & raffle winnings.  In addition, they heard from three 1st time visitors to the PHC dinner; Athletic Director, Whit Babcock, Offensive Line Coach, Stacy Searels, and VTAF President, Glen Reynolds.

Glen challenged PHC members to bring more young Hokies into our club in order to build up the club for the future.  Coach Searels talked about his Offensive linemen and the things he needs to do to put them in position to be successful.  Athletic Director Whit Babcock spoke about his approach to managing the Athletic Department at VT.  Both Whit and Coach Searels expressed their delight at being at VT and their dedication to improving on an already successful program.

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