2019 VT Football Season Ticket Auction

The Peninsula Hokie Club is auctioning two mid-field Hokie football 2019 season tickets. These seats are located on the west side of Lane Stadium in Section 12, Row L, seats 9 and 11.  The 50 yard line runs between section 12 and 10; so the seats are approximately 45 to 50 yard line.  Parking pass is not included in this auction. Auction will run until 1pm on Monday, July 15th.

Click here for auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/173959789381

The minimum bid for the tickets will be $2,600. To order tickets in this location from the ticket office would require a VTAF donation of approximately $50,000.  If you already have season tickets, please pass this info on to others who might be interested.  Of course, proceeds from this auction will go to the benefit of the VTAF and will help the Peninsula Hokie Club fulfill it?s annual fund-raising goal.

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