Peninsula Hokie Club Charter

The Virginia Tech Athletic Fund (VTAF) is the university-controlled organization which conducts and coordinates fundraising activities for the Dept. of Athletics at Virginia Tech. These activities include developing funds for athletic scholarships, general programmatic needs, capital programs for facilities, and conducting major capital campaigns. Financial contributors to VTAF comprise the membership of the Hokie Club. The Peninsula Hokie Club was established to organize and recognize VTAF contributors in the Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and York County geographic areas. The Peninsula Hokie Club provides a vehicle (in its geographic area) to plan, coordinate, and conduct social, fundraising, and other activities in support of the Virginia Tech Athletic program. In addition, the Club provides a means of communication between the VTAF office and peninsula supporters in order to enhance the development and enjoyment of the Hokie athletic program.

The Hokie Representative System

The fundraising activities of VTAF are assisted by a group of volunteers in each Hokie Club chapter whose primary goal is to encourage friends and alumni of Virginia Tech to join the Hokie Club in order to increase financial support for the athletic program. In addition the ‘Rep’ system was established to:

  1. Provide each club member with personal contact by a Hokie Club representative on at least an annual basis.
  2. Provide quality membership information necessary to manage the Hokie Club fundraising system efficiently.
  3. Make the most efficient and effective use possible of the time given by Hokie Representatives.
  4. Help maintain a feeling of camaraderie among all Hokie Club members.

Help serve the interest of Virginia Tech athletics in your area.


Goals for each Hokie Representative

  1. To renew all active Hokie Club members assigned, and turn all inactive  prospects into active members.
  2. To communicate changed Hokie Club member information (telephone number, address, etc.) to the Hokie Club Office.
  3. To create a positive attitude towards Virginia Tech athletics within your local Hokie Club.
  4. To become a Hokie Club “award winner”.

Booster Information

Guidelines for VT Athletic Boosters and Alumni

FAQ Concerning NCAA Guidelines for Boosters

VT Compliance Office Contact :

Derek Gwinn, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
356 Jamerson Athletics Center
165 Spring Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061