Christmas Season Fire Disaster at the Leigh Home

On December 5th in Newport News, VA, about 2.5 weeks before Christmas, Danny Leigh (Peninsula Hokie Club President and longtime Rep and VT supporter) awoke to the smell of smoke about 3:15am. We are beyond thankful that Danny and his wife Doris made it out of the house before being overcome by the smoke… but the fire, which started in the dinette and also scorched the kitchen and family room, has left their home condemned.  They are being told that the entire interior of the house will most likely need to be stripped to the studs.  There is also major damage to parts of the exterior, and the roof caved in over the fire.  The rest of the house suffered major smoke damage.  Although the loss of a lifetime of memories, family antiques, loved travel keepsakes, and precious artwork are ruined, Danny and Doris will rebuild.  Danny’s daughter Karen Leigh Harrington says she and the family have spent the days after the fire overcome by the support of friends, family, neighbors, and more have asked how they can help. So Karen set up a gofundme page on behalf of her parents.  Please consider helping make their Christmas a little more cheerful by helping them get back on their feet as they start the tedious and lengthy process of dealing with insurance claims, cleaning, and rebuilding.  The family is completely devastated at the loss, but they remind themselves constantly that the two most important of all survived this awful fire.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers, and for any little bit you’d like to share during this difficult 2019 Christmas season.  I know Danny and Doris would be more than thankful having some assistance starting over.

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