1st Beer Gig Successful Despite Bad Weather

On the evening of May 5, at the weekly Hampton Fest, the Peninsula Hokie Club worked our first “Beer Gig” of the year in spite of the rain. Our ‘beer-poppin’ bartending efforts resulted in $205 in tips toward our annual VTAF fund-raising goal. Our Hokie team of Frank, George, Dale, Jo Rae, Emily, Natasha, Jaime, Tami, Reggie, Bonita, and John gave great effort to accomplish this result with the inclement weather. The cheerleaders on the front row “beaded” the fans into giving a little extra. Emily was most successful in “beading” for the tips.

Our next gig is June 30. We will be at the end of the street and at the mid-station where the beer is on tap. The band is Vinyl Headlights who play a variety of music including rock and roll, disco and metal. Check out their video.

As an aside, band leader John Smallwood was interviewed by Fox Cable News Neil Cavuto. Check out the video. Thanks to everyone for your support at this event.

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