Hokies Enjoy 2nd Annual Football Recruit Hi-Light Luncheon-Sponsored by Bill Leong-State Farm Insurance

Approximately 54 very interested Hokies packed Bailey’s Sports Grille in Newport News on February 8th for VT football recruiting coordinator, Coach Jim Cavanaugh’s review of our newly signed football scholarship athletes.  Coach ‘Cav’ talked about each signee, their recruitment history, attributes, shortcomings, academic potential, football potential, etc.  As usual, Coach ‘Cav’s’ commentary alone was worth the price of admission.  He also showed each player’s high school hi-light film.  Based on this review, I believe most Hokies came away feeling very good about the quality of our football program over the next few years.  It appears that what was considered a good recruiting effort was moved to the very good level by a few last-minute signees from Florida and Pennsylvania.

It is always interesting to see what these young men, who are offered scholarships based on their potential, actually do with the opportunity they are provided, over the next 4-6 years.  Thanks to everyone who assisted in making this a successful event, especially our sponsor, Mr. Bill Leong. See photos from the luncheon posted below.

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